When the team of scientists at Dennison Industries makes an unexpected discovery, they realise that their fledgling technology has far greater possibilities than they could have imagined.

The Push isn’t just new, it changes everything. Expanding our horizons. Setting the human race free. Unshackling us from the confines of Earth.

But when probes start to go missing while exploring the far reaches of our solar system, the team begin to realise that something else is watching. Something ancient and patient. And as they race to come to terms with this new discovery, they realise that freedom was never something we were meant to have.

We were shackled for a reason.


Static Push is the first novel by Richard Horsley, which is now available in ebook format from Amazon and Kobo, with more retailers and a paperback edition coming soon.

Find it on: Amazon (UK, also available in other regions), and Kobo.


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