Short Story in Progress: Doll House

While I wait for Static Push to come back from editing, I have decided to try my hand at something a bit different. Doll House is based on a brief by my friend, Lee Hodgson. He provided me with a very short theme, and I could immediately feel the story unfold in my mind. So I started writing:

There is a world of dreamers, drifting through the void of space. The seeds of life, a pre-packaged colony that will take many years to reach its destination. Humans sealed in pods like packaged dolls.


But there is one person awake, although he shouldn’t be. One among thousands. Trying to survive, alone, in a place he does not know, with only the mindless walking vat-clones to keep him company.


He is four years old. And this is his doll house.


You can find the work in progress over on my WriteOn profile, where I am adding and editing live (which is a little scary in and of itself). But no guts, no glory, right?

And yes, that is my son, Eli, who happily got dressed up and allowed me to photograph him for the (temporary) cover image. This story is for him, my little space man.

All comments are welcome, and if you have any themes or scenarios you might like to see turned into a short story, let me know!


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