Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

If you follow me on Twitter, then I’m sure you know by now that I’m a huge fan of Elite: Dangerous. So much so that I’m now even sporting a freakin’ geekin’ EDTracker¬†on top of my bonce for enhanced gameplay while I’m traversin’ the ‘verse.

You might also know that while grinding, killing, truckin’ and questing are all things I love to do, sometimes an opportunity presents itself that I just can’t pass up…

Meet Mr. Frosty, the Sunman:


These binary stars can be found in the¬†Miaplacidus system, and when I saw the angle, I just couldn’t resist. Huge thanks to my wingmates, who all had to perform some fine-tune maneuvers in their shiny new Vultures while I was shouting “Left a bit… Right a bit!” over Skype.

Cast in order of randomness:
CMDR Adyin – Right Eye
CMDR flibblesan – Left Eye
CMDR Zzleezz – Button
CMDR Zebwen – Camera!

If you’re out flying around in the big black, and you see some ships trying to perform some strange maneuver in front of interesting looking spacial bodies. don’t fret. We’re probably just trying to make a winking smiley.


You can find my original post on the ED forums here.